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MovieMotel is a new movie website. Right now we are still in beta phase. Later on, we want MovieMotel to turn into a movie community website. Inspired by the awesome Last.fm, users will be able to keep track of the movies they've seen, tag and love movies, get recommendations, become friends, and many more.

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South Park (6x10) Nina

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We are currently still in beta phase. If you want to help us out by testing new functionality, you can be a beta tester. To apply, simply send an email to beta@moviemotel.com.
If you have any ideas for new features, please use the feedback button on the left and share them!

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Mad Money: "Mad Money" is what "Fun With Dick and Jane" might have been had it actually been FUN. This tale of three virtuous women who turn to a life of crime emerges as one of the...Read more

Written by Buddy-51, 8 / 10 stars